Review Of Joyce Carol Oates Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

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Where Are You going; Where Have You Been? By: Truman Capote Joyce Carol Oates’ “Where are you going; where have you been?” is a powerful story about naivety and seduction. The story is set in the alluring aspects (Particularly enticing for teenagers) of American culture: music, the mall, and teenage hot spots. The vulnerability of the main character, Connie, is weakened by these influences when she encounters the greatest evil, that of Arnold Friend, a Pedophile. Connie’s family life was kind of boring. Her father went to work almost every day leaving her, her mother, and her sister June at home. Her mother spent the day cleaning up and painting the house. Her Sister on the other hand was the good one. They didn’t really much. They only went out when they had a family event which included her father’s side of the family. This affected Connie because Connie was a teenager who likes to go out and hang out with her friends. Connie liked to go to the mall and to the Movies during the summer time while school was out. She hated staying home with her mom and her sister because they were boring to her. Connie is a girl who is 15 years old who likes to hang out with her friends. She has two different ways of dressing. One when she is at home and one way when she is out with her friends. She would dress like she was innocent when at home and…show more content…
Arnold Friend was a man that basically watched Connie where she went but she didn’t know that. I do think that he is the incarnation of evil because of his name. In his name was the word Anold Fiend which means the devil. This man new everything about Connie and her life. He never met Connie up close and personal until almost the end of the story. He could tell her everything about herself and it scared her. I believe that Connie could have avoided that because she could have just been herself at home and with her friends. Arnold Friend was a man there to teach her a

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