A Not So Perfect Life by Jenna V

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From the outside, Lindsey Hill's life seemed to be perfect. She lived in a huge mansion, she lived on the lake, she had a lot of friends, her parents were happily married, and she had a cute puppy of her own. She was very close to her mother, and they would go shopping together every Wednesday night, no matter what...they would never miss Wednesday shopping nights. Whenever Lindsey's friends had a problem or were feeling down, she would be the one that everyone would go to. Lindsey rarely talked about her problems. She felt like nobody would care, and she was too embarrassed because her friends thought she was so well put together. They thought she was perfect, she didn’t want to ruin that reputation. When summer came along, her friends would invite her to hang out but she would always make excuses up and say she couldn't. Her friends eventually gave up on her and stopped caring about being her friend. She stopped shopping with her mom on Wednesday nights, and spent much more time in her room listening to loud and depressing music. Little did everyone know what she was thinking about in her room... Lindsey found out that her parents were going away to New York for a business trip for a week, and she would be home alone. Her parents asked their neighbour Charlie to keep an eye on her because she was going through a peculiar phase, they asked him to check in on her at dinner and around 10:30 PM to make sure that the doors were locked before she went to bed. When her parents went away to New York, Charlie came over and she acted perfectly normal and Charlie told her that he wasn't going to be checking in at 10:30 because he was going to be out, and if she needed anything Lindsey could call his cell phone. Lindsey told him that she would be fine, and Charlie told her that he would see her in the morning. The next day around noon, he decided he

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