Restorative Justice Definition

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Restorative Justice Patricia Crawford Grantham University January 8, 2013 Restorative Justice Restorative justice is a theory of justice that calls attention to repairing the harm caused by criminal behavior. The main goal of restorative justice is to bring together those most affected by these criminal acts, which include the victim, the offender and the community in a process to encourage the offender to bring themselves accountable and meet the needs of the victims. This helps to repair the harm that was caused by the crime committed. A restorative justice process aims to empower victims to participate effectively with open communication and meditation with their offenders. Healing is very important not just for the victims but also the offenders. Offenders are encouraged to participate in this process to help them understand the harm and problems that they have caused their victims and to take full responsibility for their actions. It gives them an opportunity to set things right and to make amends for their violations against the victims. This may come as reparations, restitution or community work. Sometimes while fulfilling these obligations the experience may be painful but the main goal is not revenge…show more content…
19). Harm from any offense is not just confined to the victim but also to family members, community surrounding the victim. As a result harm following from an offense may be much more widespread than what is previously believed. In restorative justice it is at most importance for anyone who feels harmed by the actions of another to be included in the restorative justice process, have the opportunity to tell his or her story and know that it has been heard. (O'Brien,
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