Efficacy of Client-Centered Approach and Existential Therapy

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Efficacy of Client-Centered Approach and Existential Therapy Jeidy Oliva Grand Canyon University: PSY 255 March 26, 2015 Abstract For the last 20 years researches have studied the problem of rape in American society. Rape causes long-term physical health issues and psychological distress. The impact of the assault in many cases extend negatively affecting family member, friends and significant others. Future community programs should focus on rape prevention and improving community response. An individual who has been a victim of rape instantly feels an interruption of her life and coping skills. As a result her ego can suffer a disruption as well. To achieve integration once again she must find a solution to her lack of trust in men, guilt and paranoia. Two models of therapies being review are client-centered approach and existential therapy. These two models are proposed for measurement the victim’s recuperation and adaptive behavior (HI, E.1978). Client-centered approach and existential interventions are design to reduce and minimize symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and reduce psychological distress. Rape trauma is also targeted by these therapies through counseling. It is the goal to explain how these two approaches can change and improve the client’s life. Also, the goal is to help to understand which approach might suit best the client depending on their needs and specific situations. These therapies are found to be truly helpful for victims, but to fully understand the effectiveness of these programs is imperative to have knowledge of how they truly function (Walker, L. 1994). Both client-centered approach and existential therapy are considered to have a positive impact on victim’s life by improving the victim’s self-awareness, self-trust and forward evolution (Schneider, H. 1982). Client centered Approach In general, Sexual assault

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