Response to "Women Don't Want Men"

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Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks write in “Women Don’t Want Men? Ha!” about increasing amount of women willing to stay unmarried and the actual role that men play in the family. Lots of newspapers and other sources of mass media write about the tendency of growing the women’s self-reliance and their belief that there is no necessity for being married. The reason is that women have become more independent, have their successful careers, so they can financially support themselves. But the authors argue and say that this facts do not reflect to the real life truly and the idea of happy single woman is just an illusion. First of all, according to researches in different organizations like University of Michigan Institute , men still work more than women and their jobs are much more dangerous and are connected with risk. Besides, the amount of time spent on leisure and hobbies is almost the same. In addition, women are much more discerning in the question of relationships. As Leving and Sacks say “she’s far more critical of him than he is of her”, that means that men are much less critical than females who want to show their strength. But in many cases their thoughts are deceptive, as everybody needs a family to have happy life. Respond: I totally agree with the authors of the text and, in my opinion, the women’s desire to become independent and live by themselves is partly caused by our democratic world, where the equalty between genders is respected. Women build their own careers and become independent, so they do not need help from men at least financially. That’s why we have the tendency of growth of the amount of single women. Furthermore, as the authors mention females are vitally discerning, so this also makes them think that there is no person who deserves living with them. They are too carping so they prefer to be single. On the other hand,
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