Resilience and Spirituality

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Resilience & Spirituality Abstract The correlation between spirituality and resilience especially when concerning military members is very strong and can be tied to the success or failure of the service member when facing a tragedy. It is the building of resilience through spirituality that allows the service member to become stronger and able to face the tough situations when they are encountered, and the relationship with God is the building block that allows this to occur. Introduction The development of spirituality and resilience, especially in service members is an important and pivotal component of experiencing, dealing with and overcoming tragedies that happen in life. These tragedies can include a divorce, loss of loved ones and can also be due to wartime events that have a lasting effect on the life of the service members. Resilience is often times developed through the spirituality of the service member and this assist in not only the recovery process after a tragedy but also in the means of everyday living. Resilience Building When tragedies occur there are many different stages in the recovery process. Each stage is essential in building resilience, which is defined as “the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress” (Dees, 2011). Resiliency is the most important characteristic that anyone could have when facing a traumatic experience but it is even more important for service members to be resilient during traumatic experiences. Resilience is a characteristic that has to be developed and is not something that one is born with. Due to this, people deal with and recover from traumatic experiences in very different ways. A person can go from one extreme such as depression or suicide to a completely opposite reaction after a traumatic event such as bouncing

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