Ccou 201 Case Study

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CCOU 201 Exam 2 1. Which of the following is not one of the synthesizing traits of Competent Christian Counseling as presented by the course text? Specific 2. According to the course text, much of Christian counseling is now done as a variant of what type of therapy? Cognitive behavioral therapy. 3. The Genesis Model of Intervention does not include which of the following? None of the above 4. The importance of a caregiving focus encouraging development of understanding of biblical wisdom and direction is reinforced by understanding that both internal and external evidence validate the Bible as the word of God. True 5. According to the course text, which of the following is a proposed correlate for Christians? Theology/Spirituality/Religion.…show more content…
Langberg described the person of the helper to be likened to a tool, and this illustration underscores that the work of a helper: must be done with care and skill patience and vision in order to effectively use this tool. 17. There are seven aspects to motivation from the client’s perspective. False 18. Which of the following is not part of the TFA model? Accepting Orientation 19. Consequences of the fall include man becoming self-focused sinful and mortal; but it did not remove the image of God in man. True 20. According to Dr. Hawkins spiritual gifts have a motivational purpose because they enable the believer to participate in ministry that impacts lives which provides an experience of joy in the use of these gifts. True 21. The doctrine of the Trinity teaches about Gods concern for unity and intimacy among his followers. True 22. Understanding the doctrine of Eschatology can help to provide believers with a source of joy when they are enduring struggles, because this doctrine emphasizes that believers have a future secured by God. True 23. Dr. Langberg stated that suffering people in crisis: often bring to a helper their histories which surface more during alarm moments of
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