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Gun Control 1 2012 Gun Control Essay Guns Do Not Kill People Tameka Ferrell Composition II Gun Control 2 Gun Control One of the main topics on gun control is whether or not they are an effective way of self-defense. Who is to say whether or not a gun is a good means of self defense or not? Well some of those questions are answered by the report done by a criminology working at Florida State University. Criminology by the name of Gary Kleck researched data from the Department of Justice while at Florida State University. He learned that those victims which have defended themselves with a handgun during a robbery or an assault, have the least chance of being injured, or the crime being finished out. Anti-gun people say you…show more content…
Most people do get guns for self defense which is somewhat good but what is the purpose because if you don’t get them then they just going to keep doing whatever it is they do until they run up on the right person that’s going to put them 6 feet under the ground. In the projects you see it every day everywhere it doesn’t matter what part you live in, people get killed for the craziest stuff, and then you have individuals who just be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get caught up in the gun…show more content…
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