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Introduction Statement of Purpose The purpose of this study is to determine the importance of and the impact Hip Hop music and its culture has had on the economy. This study will consider the current trend in music, clothing, and other multi media productions such as TV commercials, movies, television shows, sporting events, print ads and music videos. Significance of the Study The economy effects just about everyone in the world, in one way or another. Hip Hop music was once just a neighborhood form of entertainment just a few decades ago. Now hip artist, their music and their clothing lines are known world wide. This notoriety has helped to pump millions of dollars into the economy. Research has shown that Hip Hop has a major impact on the economy. Many major corporations who once shunned the idea of hip hop as a mainstream music genre have now jumped on the band wagon and have embraced the idea of using hip hop artists and their music in their advertisements as a way to draw in money from those loyal followers. Hip Hop music and its culture has crossed cultural, racial, geographical, and religious lines around the world. In order to understand the significance of this phenomenon, we must first explore the origins of hip hop and the obstacles it faced over the years. Hip Hop music, as we know it today, first began in the mid 1970s in the Bronx, New York. During hot summer days it was not uncommon for inner city neighborhoods to have block parties. The parties served as a way to bring people together after being shut in all winter long. The block parties also served as a way for local merchants to make money as they often sold food, snacks, sodas, and ice creams to the crowds of people. The block parties often had a DJ who played music as a way of advertising the start of block party and as a way of keeping the crowds of people

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