The Woodstock Informative Speech

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Woodstock was a music festival thrown during a hard time in the development of the modern worlds history. Women, blacks and hippies were fighting for their right to be heard and music was one of the ways these people made that happen. All sexes, races and cultures got together at Woodstock to peacefully celebrate the music that helped shaped the world as it is today. Most people thought it would just be a bunch of hippies getting together doing drugs and causing trouble but it turned it turned out to be a vital moment in history that would never be forgotten. Barriers were broken, people were brought together and prejudices were forgotten at this event that would soon be talked about worldwide as that music festival that changed the world for the better. Woodstock was put together by 4 men: Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld, Mike Lang, and John Roberts in order to raise enough money to build a recording studio. The men had a venue, musicians, food and security and were selling tickets for $7 for one day, $13 for two days, and $18 for three days. The original…show more content…
It was estimated that about 50,000 people would show up to Woodstock but it was more like 200,000 people that actually did. There would come to be a shortage of food, toilets, and water but there was a freak out tent for people having bad trips. The first 50,000 people showed up early before they had put up the gates and they had no way of making them leave and many more people showed up not long afterwards that they had broken down the fences and Woodstock became a free music festival. Police then ended up having to turn away thousands of cars that were trying to get into the festival. People arriving in these numbers had not been planned for and the roads had just become makeshift parking lots where people abandoned their cars and walked the final distance. Woodstock would come to be a free concert and a financial disaster in the

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