Birth Control, Woodstock, and Watergate

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Birth Control, Woodstock, and Watergate Including four decades of national and world history in a few short verses, Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” became a time capsule put to prose. As he swiftly spanned the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s his lyrics mentioned numerous topics. Among them are Birth Control, Woodstock, and Watergate (Joel verse 5). This small sampling of his many topics stirred great emotion in our nation and brought controversy, celebration, and scandal. Birth control came to the forefront of the American conscious as a major moral-religious controversy in the early sixties (“Religion,” par. 1). Some clergymen argued for it to control over-population (par. 5). Others against it argued that God created sexual intercourse for two purposes within marriage: to unite husband and wife, and to reproduce (par. 4). Another aspect of the debate was the right of health professionals to claim ethical objections (par. 3). This controversy continued throughout the 60’s. The latter part of that decade brought “The Woodstock Music and Arts Fair” referred to as “An Aquarian Exposition, Three Days of Peace and Music” (qtd. in “World,” par 1). Held on a dairy farm in the Catskills in Aug. 1969 it faced many adversities, yet managed to remain calm and non-violent. Twenty-five of the world’s top performed on the bill; 400,000 young people attended the massively ill prepared, and grossly under supplied festival. (pars. 1-2). Not surprisingly, the only police involvement stemmed from illegal drug use. The Ill prepared concert planners did not anticipate such an overwhelming turn out (par. 1). Ticket taking ceased and the monies collected nowhere near covered the expenses incurred. (pars. 1-3). Production and sales of film, and soundtracks recordings later recovered some of their costs. (par. 3). Wood stock was a much-needed celebration of peace in our nation.

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