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Kanye West, a Grammy winning rap artist, changed the game of hip-hop and the music industry. Considered a “quadruple threat,” West is a producer, rapper, songwriter, and record company executive. West’s strong musical palette can be attributed to his earlier career as a producer, putting together some of the hottest songs on the charts, before branching off as hip-hop artist. West was raised by his mother, Donda West, in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where he moved at a young age after his parents divorced. Before retiring, his mother was the chair of the English Department at Chicago State University. Like many suburban kids, he developed a passion for hip hop music which enhanced his awareness that the genre often exaggerated bad behavior, which his mother did not approve of. Most of his time was spent experimenting with beats and learning how to play the keyboard. West developed a passion for music, and that eventually led him to meet a Chicago producer by the name of “No I.D.,” who became Kanye’s mentor. Kanye would learn through visits to No I.D.’s house, where he would hold studio sessions with artists. After high school, West enrolled at CSU, and continued to work at understanding the music industry. In 1998, West got his big break when producer Jermaine Dupri bought one of his musical beats. West was very fortunate that a highly respected producer like Dupri was interested in him. With his foot in the door, West dropped out of college to fully pursue this opportunity. West didn't see it as he was giving up on school, but he was just putting it aside to achieve what he really wanted to do in life. After months of lengthy negotiating, West persuaded his mother and father to let him try producing for a year. Kanye mother was devastated that her son wanted to quit school but she believed in him. During the day, Kanye would work as a telemarketer to pay

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