Res 351 Week 2 Reflection

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Week Two Learning Team Reflection During Week 1, we discussed the basic components of business research. We were shown how to recognize dilemmas and address issues related to corporate America, such as declining sales, increase in costs and any other issues that may have adverse impact on business. With that, business research becomes a problem solving tool in the decision making. However, ethics must first be weighed to ensure the social bottom line and productivity remains at its highest. Unethical behavior undermines positive gains. Intentional use of information to misguide public perception is harmful in all aspect of business. The concept of business research must be adhered at all times, and therefore managers must take every effort to enforce it, and employees held accountable for this process to take its full effect. The stages of business research are the following: 1) Clarifying the Research Question 2) Proposing the Research 3) Designing the Research Project 4) Data Collection and Interpretation 5) Reporting the Results In Stage 1, problem must be identified in order to initialize the business research, and thus providing clear guidance on the research process. In Stage 2, the proposal is created and presented for managerial review and approval. In Stage 3, the blueprint is developed in order to set forth the steps needed to accomplish the research, and to maintain the integrity of the research as well. With that in place, data is collected in stage 4 through surveys, interviews, internet research, and once all information has been compiled for analysis. It is then through stage 5 that the final results are reported to management for decision making, and policies are issues for enactment. While the basic application of business research requires the systematic approach, innovative thinking is must in order to meet the

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