Wgu Jit2 Risk Mgmt Task B

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SterlingCrest Business Contingency Plan JIT2 Risk Management, Task B September 6, 2014 Introduction 3 B1. Strategic Pre-Incident Changes 3 B2. Sensitive Data 5 B3. Customer Records 8 B4. Communication Plan 11 B5. Restoration of Operations 14 References 18 Introduction: SterlingCrest is a retail chain that focuses on selling consumer electronics, such as mobile handsets, televisions, radios, global positioning systems (GPS), toys, and do-it-yourself project kits. The purpose of this report is to provide a business contingency plan for SterlingCrest to follow in the event of a major business disruption. B1. Strategic Pre-Incident Changes: Prevention initiatives are a vital part of business contingency plan and play a key role in eliminating or mitigating potential hazards before an incident occurs. First, SterlingCrest will form a risk management department that will be responsible for conducting risk assessments for each corporate department and for the retail stores. The Risk Management department will be responsible for coordinating the efforts of the risk assessments and for the business contingency planning. Each department and store will be responsible for maintaining the business contingency plans within the guidelines and timelines provided by the Risk Management department. To aid in the risk assessment process, SterlingCrest will utilize a variety of tools to assess several types of risk with a department and prevent losses from occurring. The risk assessment tools will include questionnaires, location inspections, and employee interviews. In addition, the risk assessment will include a thorough review of the company’s processes, policies, procedure, regulatory compliance, along with historical loss for corporate departments and stores. Once the assessments are complete, efforts can be made to address potential
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