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Week1 dq1 res/341 (a) Compare the research process of Fig. 4.1 in Ch. 4 of Research Methods for Business to the research design of Fig. 6.2 in Ch. 6 and discuss their similarities and differences. Why might one refer to the business research process as a nonlinear process? In fig 4.1, I would believe it gives us a step by step process of the research in order to answer the question to a problem and fig. 6.2 is more expressed as the ratio of the number of favorable outcomes in the set of outcomes which is then divided by the entire number of possible outcomes, but both figures do come to a solution. Well I really am not too certain as to why one may refer to the business research process as a nonlinear process but I do believe that many processes are nonlinear in nature but the nonlinear control is traditionally an area of the interest in the business research process. (b) How would you define research? What is the purpose of business research? How has the Internet changed the quality and quantity of research? Research can consist of several different terms, but they all are of basic meaning. Research is a person’s exploration for knowledge or any sort of methodical investigation that is performed by someone with an open mind that desires to establish new facts, explain new or existing problems, demonstrate new ideas or develop new theories. Research can be separated into three part categories: Scientific research, artistic research and historical research. I believe the internet has changed the quality and quantity of research because of the unreliable information on the web being inaccurate and too much information can be bad because it can cause an overload of the same information. (c) Should an organization create research testing for all problems confronting the business? Explain. When is it appropriate to use exploratory research? Can decision making

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