Republican vs Democrats

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Republicans Vs. Democrats This paper will be comparing two major political parties that play a major role in the United States. The two political parties I will be comparing are Republicans and Democrats. These two parties have many issues that they disagree upon such as: abortions, social policies, tax cuts, military costs, and economic policies. However, even though they disagree on such large issues they both seem to balance each other out because just like they have so many differences they also have similar objectives. One of the many issues the United States is dealing with is abortion, should it be legal or should it be illegal? Republicans are against abortions unless it was rape or something of that nature. They feel an unborn child has right just as well as a person living on earth and they feel no one should have their life taking from them because a person made the wrong choice or was just being irresponsible. However, on the other hand, Democrats feel abortion should be pro choice. They feel we as the government should not decide for any person and what they should do with their life due to a bad decision or a wrong choice. This is one of the issues that the Republicans and the Democrats have a different aspect on as far as decision making when it comes to abortions. Another issue that Republicans and Democrats disagree upon is social policies, according to the SPSA meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in 1998 both parties generally disagree on so many different issues such as social policies, tax cuts, and welfare acts. Republicans are in favor of reducing the spending amount in the form of block grants to the state; on the other hand Democrats support larger federal spending programs. Democrats tend to be more liberal on social welfare concerns, adopting a national health insurance program, in opposing defense spending and supporting governmental action on
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