Compare And Contrast Republicans And Democrats

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There are many people who may ask, “What is really the difference between the Republican, and Democratic party?” Some will give the most common answer; Republicans support the rich people, and Democrats support the poor people. That simple answer hardly gives me a complete answer. I want to know more about how the Republican and Democrat are different. The Republicans and Democrats have different beliefs about many things, such as: the economy, education, and national defense. I know that I don’t want someone running the country that we live in until I know a little more about them. How about you? Let’s find out how these two parties are different from one another! In the economy Republicans believe that the people in government should encourage an environment with businesses to use what they have. They also believe that by innovating new ideas to the United States has made our country greater. Whereas, the Democrats believe the economy is too hard to survive in because people are not able to support themselves, or their children alone. Democrats also believe…show more content…
No one knows exactly why; the answer is national defense. What views do the Republicans and Democrats have on national defense? The Republican views it as a strong, national defense. This means that it is a primary commitment which requires the most competent military in the nations. They also believe that ever since the terrorist attack on September 11, we should have a national defense that shows true precautions. Furthermore, the Democrats say there is not really much of a need for a national defense, unless of course we have no choice but to go to war. They want to reduce the big amounts of money that has been getting spent on military intelligence. They also feel that the soldiers should not be at war in a foreign country, or anywhere else for no particular reason. The democrats believe that true precautions come from
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