Remington Peckinpaw Davis Project Management Plan

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Remington Peckinpaw Davis Project Management Plan Karinna Kruse University of Phoenix Implementation of Organizational Initiatives MMPBL/510 July 4, 2011 Warren Rosendahl Remington Peckinpaw Davis Project Management Plan Table of Contents Page Introduction 3 Issues and Opportunities Identification 4 Stakeholder Perspectives and Ethical Dilemmas 6 Analysis of Alternative Solutions 8 Frame the “Right” Problem 10 Describe the “End-State” Vision 11 Identify the Alternatives and Benchmarking Validation 14 Identify and Assess Risks 16 Develop and Implement the Solution 20 Conclusion 22 References 23 Introduction The Remington Peckinaw Davis (RPD) is a well-established company in trading industry. The organization was founded by Sam Remington, a Wall Street legend. In the early 1990s, RPD oriented its services toward a upper segment of customers who hold 80% of the country`s assets. This strategy proved to be successful and generated significant revenue. However, with the increasing competition that offers the IT tools and attractive internet options for stock investment, RPD must align its services with the new technological demands. Therefore, the organization developed and implemented a new organizational strategy with the main goal of introducing eRPD, the organization`s on-line trading system. Furthermore, RPD created eRPD Oversight Committee to developing, controlling and implementing the On-Line Trading Department and (University of Phoenix, 2011). The following analysis will attempt to identify the organization`s issues and issue a problem statement. Issues and Opportunities Identification RPD has a well-established reputation as a trading

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