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Brent Grinna (HBS MBA 2010), founded the company when he was a second-year student at HBS. In the case, EverTrue is creating a mobile application that would allow schools to connect more easily to their alumni networks. Grinna was asked to build a prototype of the application for Brown University’s Alumni Association board in two months. Trouble was, Grinna lacked a technical background. It is also important to evaluate managerial challenges that Grinna will face if his team becomes spread across two countries at such an early stage. And there is an opportunity to discuss various online outsourcing models, which represent a major trend in global labor markets. • Assess the technology development options available for EverTrue. What criteria should Brent use to evaluate them? Should Brent outsource technology development abroad so early? Which technology development strategy should EverTrue pursue? We have to consider whether Grinna should hire local programmers or a CTO to do the work; outsource the work using a global labor platform like oDesk; or partner with Dashfire, a new venture run by a friend that takes equity in startups in exchange for development work in India. Criteria: cost, speed of development, and control of intellectual property but also equity retention, proximity and ease of collaboration. He should go with Dashfire • Are some technology development options more appropriate for the short- vs. long-run? Should Brent plan to transition across his four options? How costly would these disruptions be? Very recent phenomenon for entrepreneurial companies—they may start global for the first phases of development and then consolidate into a single location, the opposite of traditional patterns where international operations commence with company growth and

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