Mgmt 311 Principles Of Marketing Summary

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Executive Summary Prepared for MGMT 311- Principles of Marketing Dr. Victor Heller by Rob Sherwin Student-Embry Riddle Aeronautical University January 17, 2013 Contents Part I - Executive Summary 1 Part II – Description of Business and Industry 3 Description of Business and Industry 3 Industry Overview 6 Part III – Market Opportunity Analysis 8 Market Profile 8 Customer Profile 12 Key Competitor’s Profile 14 Part IV - Marketing Plan and Sales Tactics 16 Target Markets 16 Global Computer Industries Product Line 17 Research and Development 18 Pricing 19 Promotion 20 Distribution 20 Part V – Financial Plan 22 Profitability Results 22 Global Computer Industries - ABC Analysis 23 Break-even Analysis for GCI TravELITE 23…show more content…
Processor speeds, storage capacity, slimmer/sleeker computer cases, new keyboards designs, software advances to name a few, are all extremely important to potential customers. It is imperative that we at GCI not only keep up with these trends but be the leader in research, development, product implementation, advertizing, and selling. Product lifecycle strategies will become a major factor as new technologies…show more content…
While this advertizing media type holds some significant advantages to other media types, the cost is somewhat higher. With that, GCI’s advertizing team must design ads that are as effective as possible. This one characteristic, or tool, of GCI’s marketing mix is undoubtedly one of the most challenging. GCI’s ad reviews and judgment from the International Advertizing Federation have been consistently subpar for the past year. However, the promotion tactic of rebates has helped somewhat in the overall product promotion. While our advertizing and promotion expenditures have been markedly greater than of our competition, representing nearly 6.5% of sales, their effectiveness has not. To date, GCI has 74 local media inserts compared to only 56 of our closest competition and 47 of the top competitor. Clearly, one major task as we move into the sixth quarter and beyond is the revamping of our ads to make them more effective. As the data show, more is not better; especially if the ad is not effective in the first

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