Religion In The Ottoman Empire

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Religion has always been a major factor in everything involving the world since the beginning of time. Though the similarities are present, no two religions are exactly alike so there are also various differences within the beliefs of the varying religious centers. Religion affects the society, the population, and the civilization of a country in countless ways. Religion is one of the most important factors of any empire, country, or civilization. Religion also provided a strong role in the governments of different societies around the world. Even today the American government is based on the beliefs of the Christian faith and Christian values. Other civilizations base their government practices on different religious beliefs and have been for thousands of years. The Ottoman Empire was an empire that was very heavily influenced by their Islamic faith. Their religion served as the base for their entire societal structure. The Ottoman Empire used the ideology of Islam to structure their society in several different ways, including organizational structures,…show more content…
When people see their ruler as a part of their religion and not just a regular person, it gives the ruler justification to do whatever he pleases. This is how things were for both of these empires. The rulers established themselves as being directly involved with their gods and deities through relation and communication. Both civilizations were lenient involving other religions. The Ottoman Empire allowed conquered civilizations to live under their own religious influences, and the Incas even adopted parts of the religions of their conquered foes. The ottomans used their religion to bring about conflict by using it as a justification to conquer other countries under the idea of Jihad. The Incas did not involve their religion in their military of all their gods they did not have a god over

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