Identity Crises Of a Muslim

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Identity Crises of a Muslim Identity crisis is the condition of being uncertain of one’s feelings about oneself with regard to one’s character, origin, goals, etc. as a result of growing up in a disruptive and fast altering environment. The identity crisis of a Muslim has always been a never ending problem. No matter where a Muslim lives he always has to face the prejudices of the people against the Muslim community. Every Muslim goes through this problem in his/her life. In this research paper I will be discussing the world’s attitude towards the Muslim community and how they deal with these crises. But we must remember that it is not always the Muslims who face identity crisis. Anyone who has been previously colonized has to deal with this problem. This happens mainly because the imperial politicians try to create identity problems and use it as a weapon against the colonies. And after the colonies get rid of the imperialist power, they have to make efforts to regain their lost identity and culture along with incorporating ideas of a new culture. They try to earn their lost status again. Here, I will be dealing with the Indian and Pakistani Muslims, in particular. I will also discuss their literature and how they use it to express their reactions to what is happening to them in the outside world. The Muslim world has always been a leading player in the global affairs from the eight to the eighteenth century. It is a religion which has borrowed and given a lot to other religions such as Hinduism and Christianity. For example, Hindus borrowed concepts from Muslim astronomy, medicine, metallurgy, etc and in return the Muslims studied the Vedas and the techniques of yoga and meditation. Also, the influence of Muslim gave rise to the purdah system in parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat in India. Similarly books by great encyclopaedists such as Ibn Sina who wrote QANUN -

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