Religion in the Modern Era

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The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power is called religion. Religion played a huge role in the pre-modern era. Different types of religion and beliefs changed the way they lived as a society bases. The Paleolithic Hunter and Gatherers, Neolithic Farmers, Agrarian Civilizations, and Axial Religions were people of different groups who lived in the pre-modern era that also had different views in religion. Societies and beliefs were changed but they always united people as one. Religion also created this human organization in collaboration with the superhuman. Religion in the pre-modern world brought the social society within the groups. The Paleolithic Hunters and Gatherers were a small amount of people who lived in an equalitarian society. Men and women were equal and therefore they were allowed religious expression. The society they lived in was called the Egalitarian Bands. The Neolithic Farmers society was based on weather and religion as well. It was a transition from hunter and gathers to nomads to a town settlement gave them a population increased, sedentary, Agriculture based. Their social society was stratified farming towns. Neolithic time came and so did the Agrarian Civilizations. Religion brought the social structure of highly stratified warrior chiefdoms and absolute monarchies. This social structure was built of patrician, king, court, high officials, business, craft, and accouters. Hammurbi ruled this time because God called him to create a code of laws for the people to follow. As for the Axial or Higher Religions the social structure in this society was highly stratified absolute monarchies and in between empires. Religion became something greater making society become more powerful. The different groups had a religion which affected their social structure; each having their own face of God. The Paleolithic Hunters and
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