Relationships in Romeo and Juliet

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Relationships in Act One In Act One of Romeo and Juliet, several types of relationships are seen. There is hate and conflict between the Montagues and the Capulets. This story also shows strong bonds and friendship between Benvolio and Romeo. Juliet shares a relationship with the Nurse who is like a mentor to her. Lastly, Romeo and Juliet share an almost impossible romantic relationship. The conflict between the Montagues and Capulets began as a family rivalry. It is not really explained why these two groups hate each other, but it is made clear that they are sworn enemies. On page 11, Benvolio, a Montague, and Tybalt, a Capulet begin to fight. An officer comes and interrupts them saying “Clubs, bills, and partisan’s! Strike! Beat them down! Down with the Capulets! Down with the Montagues!”(Page 11). Both groups are constantly hostile to each other, and continue fighting simply because it is all they have ever known. But conflict occurs when the rules are broken between this ongoing feud when two star-crossed lovers finally meet. Romeo shares a bond with his best friend Benvolio, a nephew to Montague and a cousin and friend to Romeo. Benvolio attempts to stop the fight between the servants at the beginning of the play. Early in the play, Benvolio wishes to help Romeo's parents by learning from Romeo why he has been acting so strangely and trying to avoid everyone. When he questions Romeo gently, he learns that his problem is lovesickness. He tells Romeo “Be rul’d by me, forget to think of her”(Page 25). He counsels Romeo to look at other beauties and forget about anyone who is not interested in him. This shows they have a strong healthy relationship in which they look out for each other’s best interests and purely want the best for one another. Juliet and the Nurse share a very close bond, one that surpasses one of a girl and her servant.
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