How Did Tybalt Fight In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a story of forbidden young love. Two young and inseparable souls meet without realising the consequences of their relationship. A long going family feud brings the story of the two lovers to a tragic end. ------------------------------------------------- Friar Laurence was a well-known and highly respected priest. He is the one who joined together the bond of Romeo and Juliet. Despite knowing about the great enmity between the two families, he still accepted to marry the two young lovers. His act is justifiable and he had good intentions when he agreed to run the marriage ceremonials. The act of his approval was of a good judgement. He enjoined together two pure and faithful lovers with the beauty of marriage. Although many disapprove his decision because he was well aware of the great feud between the…show more content…
The following day, Tybalt killed Mercutio in a battle between the two. The death of Mercutio infuriated Romeo to such an extent that he killed Tybalt with his bare hands and sword. The prince had found out about Romeo’s actions and decided to punish Romeo by banishing him from the town. Moments after Romeo and Juliet had first met, they found out about the true identity if each other. It broke their hearts to know that their families were enemies who loathed each other and their chances of being married were little. Juliet stood on her balcony and proclaimed, “O Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou?” Her heart longed for Romeo, who heard her call and appeared in front of her. Juliet explained to Romeo how she disliked the fact that Romeo was among her family’s sworn enemies. The two then proclaimed their love for each other and decided that no family feud could separate their love. -------------------------------------------------
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