Relationship Between Strategic Management And Leadership

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Executive Summary The report is based on the link between the strategic management and leadership of company. It highlights the novel areas of both strategic management and leadership. It is divided into three distinct tasks, and each task has a different background. The report opens up with the discussion of the relationship between the strategic management and leadership. After it, the link between the strategic management and leadership is developed, and the impact of both domains on the strategic directions is evaluated. Then the adoption of the leadership styles as per the situations is analyzed. The second section starts from here, and it reflects the impact of the major theories of leadership and strategic management on the direction…show more content…
Leadership is a process which controls the performance of the individuals through the social influence. It is crucial for managing anything because without a strong and influential leadership, the management is limited to the paperwork only (Freeman, 2010). It assists the entire management of the organization, whether top management or middle management, to identify the required changes, and then apply appropriate measures for these changes. Strategic management process is very simple if we compare it with the leadership…show more content…
The very step is based on assessing the discrepancies in the organization, and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses as well. This activity develops the base for the strategic planning. Strategic planning is an extended phase of strategic management process. In the initial stages of this phase, the mission, vision, and the core values are developed. If these are already developed, then a GAP analysis is conducted to review the disconformities (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2012). Different strategies are discussed for eliminating the issues, and then a suitable strategy is adopted after the consensus of the management. The next step is the deployment of the strategy selected in the previous phase. The resources are scrutinized, and then the required resources are allocated to the project. After it, the entire plan is communicated in the organization. The most crucial phase of strategic management is the implementation stage. It is crucial, because it involves the change in the original situation. Often the things turned out to be different in this stage, and it can impact on the entire planning. Moreover, this phase is significant because it assess the practicality of any strategy. The last phase of strategic management is the measurement and evaluation stage. In the following process the data is gathered and collected from primary and secondary sources, after data collection the strategy

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