Reflective Summary of Role Play

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As a student, in the beginning of my professional career, writing reflection seems a sensible idea to record learning experience. The early stages of any career would play important role in learning as one settles into the ways of profession. The complex part is recognizing such experience and implementing on practice. In this reflection, I will be discussing about the role play we have had last week in our classroom. Gibbs (1998) reflective cycle will be utilized as it illustrates a clear structure for the process of reflection which includes six main stages; description of the event, feelings, evaluation, description (analysis to make sense of the experience) conclusion and action plan (Jasper, 2003) respectively. Baird and Winter (2005) give some reasons on why reflection is require in reflective practice. They state that reflection is to generate the practiced knowledge, assist an ability to adapt new situations, develop self-esteem and satisfaction as well as to value, develop and professionalizing practice. Description of event: As part of our second assignment, our class (two people in each group) was assigned to conduct a role play on interview where my friend Mary held the role as interviewer and myself as an interviewee. The initial planning of the content and rehearsal was done together as a team. However; the topic was divided into two sections; interview questions and answers where each of us were responsible to prepare and gather information on our own respective section. The first step to undertake role play was to learn as much as possible about interview content and techniques. We discussed about our own experience which provided a general concept of real interview situations and questions to be asked. We both did research, and gather information from the extensive literature. One of the problems that came up was the time we had to prepare. We

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