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Reflective Statement Through the IO I gained a deeper insight into Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’ and a lot of ideas that I previously had were hugely enhanced. Social expectations and obligations play a role of influence in ‘Chronicle’. In the IO we discussed the role of religion and gender in society. What struck me the most was the role of gender in the society, especially the notion of females in the text as they served as a reflection of Colombian societies. Women had to adopt the prejudiced values of society while men are expected to be an example of machismo in their daily lives. The discussion allowed me to further understand the role of the characters and the role of society. The society is one of tradition. The role of gender and religion link with each other: Catholicism is present which links into being pure and which then also brings up a very strong image of the Virgin Mary. Women have involuntarily accepted themselves as the weaker sex, and conform to what is expected from society of them rather than what they desire from themselves. The society in ‘Chronicle’ has normalized a bigoted attitude which leads the women to innately accept the values of the society as their own and they go by them which is seen through Pura Vicario ‘devoted herself with such spirit of sacrifice to the care of her husband and the rearing of her children that at times one forgot she still existed’. This also explains why Angela’s friends helped her to hide the loss of her purity: it was society’s and the religion’s belief that women had to remain pure until. Thus, Angela’s action was shameful and therefore had to be hidden. On the other hand, men are expected to display machismo. The IO provided insight to why Pedro and Pablo Vicario killed Santiago Nasar regardless of the fact that he was one of their friends. But this act turned out to be not
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