Social Darwinism During the Progressive Era

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Social Darwinism During the Progressive Era The effects of social Darwinism during the Progressive era were numerous especially in education, science, medicine, and the problem of ignorance. Social injustice and in efficiency in politics are secondary prime examples for the struggle to exist. This is followed by instinct, and geographical distribution playing a part in the ‘survival of the fittest,’ occurrences in this time period. The effects are intertwined within ignorance and its tie to the struggle existence socially; and the connection that is shared with instinct and social efficiency. Needless to say, the concepts Darwin created have evolved to include social situations as well as physical ones. The virtual battle on ignorance in the Progressive era was extremely evident in politics, the fight for women’s rights, and the battle against slavery. The examples listed in my previous statement can be tied to the struggle for existence concept. This is the concept that,“ the struggle for life most severe between individuals and varieties of the same species; often severe between species of the same genus.(Darwin; Chapter 3)” The essential struggle for a say or ‘life’ socially in these times were more numerous among the slaves and women who were equally fighting for rights. This hindered the efficiency that America was striving for during this time and continued to until equality was achieved. Another major aspect that impacted the struggle for existence socially and efficiency was the nature of humans in this time period to tend to their own social groups or ‘the relation of organism to organism,’ in this time period. This statement is mostly seen in the interactions between African Americans and Caucasian Americans during the Progressive era, and how equality eventually began to develop between the two parties. The entire time however instinct was
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