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Hotel Rwanda The movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’ was based on the Rwandan Genocide that occurred in 1994. This was due to tensions between two native tribes, the Tutsi and the Hutus. This genocide wiped out almost a million Tutsis. In the movie, Paul Rusesabagina, a Hutu, is wedded to Tatiana, a Tutsi. He was the Manager of a very prestigious hotel, Hotel Des Mille Collines, and he used the authority and position he had in this situation to save his family. There were many occasions where he had to use money and alcohol to bribe the militia in order to save his family. He took them to the hotel and then little by little, everyone went to refuge there, too. The UN Forces were peacekeepers not peacemakers; they attempted to send away a group of Tutsis but they were prevented by Hutu people and were obliged to go back to the hotel. Paul’s character was the most impacting being in Hotel Rwanda due to three very important qualities of his persona that were his sympathy, his cleverness, and his courage. Firstly, an incredibly praiseworthy attribute of Paul was his sympathy. The love he had for his people, them being Hutus or not, was very selfless. Paul saw them as he saw himself: African. To him, they were one people, one nation. They were all equal and he had care for them. Paul had no duty to help the Tutsis, but he did so because he was different and believed he had to save his family and people. In Paul’s position, I would try to find any means to save my family and once they were safe, I would take them somewhere out of harm's way. A human being is selfish by nature, as my law teacher has made me understand, and even worse when we are in a life and death situation. The average person would think of saving himself before others, but this is where Paul’s selflessness came into play. Then, the second admirable asset that Paul was in possession of was his cleverness. This is

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