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Page |1 Daniel Castracion Soc 100 tues-thurs Hotel Rwanda Between April and June 1994 a war between the Hutus and Tutsis occurred in the East African country of Rwanda. An estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed in the span of 100 days. I will discuss the basic scenario of the movie, how social theories may have influence particular outcomes and how dehumanization of the Tutsi people may have led to the acceptance of the genocide. This horrific event was not merely an act of one denomination simply not liking the other. Colonial history, global economic integration and finally the assassination president Habyarimana was the perfect combination for the tragic genocide of the Tutsi people of Rwanda. This unfortunate genocide, which occurred from May 1994 to July 1994, was reenacted in the film “Hotel Rwanda”. In the movie, the main character and protagonist Paul Rusesabagina, a business savvy Hutu father married to Tatiana, a Tutsi. Is the manager of the Belgian owned hotel Sabena, Hotel des Mille Collines. After the official outbreak begins, he reluctantly turns the hotel into a safe haven for both Tutsis and Hutus, even though he would be killed if generals found out that he was keeping Tutsis safe. Using both functionalist and interactionist means Paul and his family were able to prevail and eventually reunite with their war orphaned nieces. Not to mention, that he could be credited for saving as many as 1100 Rwandan lives I now want to discuss what I meant by Paul using a functionalist and interactionist means to survive. I will start with functionalist, which I interpret as “social survival” when society works together to create a more harmonious environment. Paul is shown throughout the movie creating bonds and creating security for him and his family. For instance, he has a strong relationship with a Hutu supplier, who later is an integral member of the

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