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Senid Hakic Professor Shattuck English 099 11/07/12 “Hotel Rwanda” In the movie “Hotel Rwanda “ all the characters were helping each other, but there’s always that one character that sticks out the most and wants to do more. Paul’s the character that helped out the most so everyone can survive genocide. Paul had the resources to make sure everyone would make it safe and no one would get left behind. “Hotel Rwanda” was about how two different kinds of people are fighting against each other because the Hutus are trying to say one of the Tutsis killed their president. Then it all started a war and everything started going downwards and many people were getting killed even if they didn’t do anything. Paul and his family are all Tutsi…show more content…
He has all the money he needs to make sure he can survive and he would steal some from the manger’s office during the war because he needs his family to live. At the beginning of the movie when Paul goes to one of his friends to get supplies and he sees the swords fall out, that shows that there will be something going on in the movie might be a war or people fighting each other. Paul knows a lot of people and he tries to get help from each and every one of them; which he does do it. During the war the most important thing Paul had was money, that’s what everyone wanted. He has secrets for everyone and knows how to make them happy and satisfy the best way he knows how to. The Hutus never gave up and wanted to kill each and one of the Tutsis because the Tutsis are cockroaches. Paul never gave up either he fought for his country because he wanted peace again and also didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Then when Paul was trying to get everyone out of the hotel there was no one trying to help him out until he gave them something in return. Some people got there visa to leave the hotel and go to a safe spot to be safe. No one wanted to help them out but the UN, the UN was trying their hardest to make sure no one dies on them and give their all to try to save…show more content…
There were many families and other people killed because people don’t like each other and wanted to take over each other. In the Bosnian genocide there was a guy just like Paul trying to save everyone from the evil and to make sure everyone was saved. When people tend to ignore others and don’t respect each other things start to turn ugly and go for the worse. Things like this are still going on all around the world. The only people that helped the Bosnians out was the UN, it was just like how the UN was helping the Tutsis. This was hard on everyone. No one knew this was going to come at them this hard, people didn’t believe there would be a war ever but it happens. This happens all over the world not just

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