Loyalty And Betrayal In High Noon

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High Noon is a western movie about loyalty and betrayal. The movie opens up on Will Kane’s wedding day. He handed in his marshal’s star to start a new chapter in his life. This is also the day he has to make one of the most difficult decisions of his life. Will Kane must decide if he is to leave town and the town he loves or stay and defend the town. During the entire movie, you can see how Will Kane is loyal to the town and how the town betrays him. The movie tells a story about a man who was too proud to run and who was left abandoned by the townspeople he swore would protect him because of a four-man gang led by Frank Miller. Will Kane is told that a man he sent to prison years before, Frank Miller is returning on the noon train to seek his revenge. Will Kane chose to stay and protect the town against everyone else’s will. He stayed because he felt that it was his duty to protect the townspeople since he was the one to put Frank Miller in jail. His wife, Amy along with the some townspeople tells him to leave town immediately to protect his life. They tell him that he is no longer the marshal of the town; therefore he does not need to fight for the town. Will Kane didn’t listen to what everyone told him and stayed to protect the townspeople. Betrayal is another theme…show more content…
I didn’t expect Amy to go against her religion and kill Frank Miller in an effort to save Will Kane. Throughout the entire movie, Amy stuck to her morals and did what was expected of her, not what she felt was right. That is exactly how her character and Will’s differ. Will Kane was always looking out what was best for the townspeople. Amy was selfish. She did what she wanted, what made her happy, and what she believed was right. I also thought the town would have been more supporting of Will Kane. He chose to potentially jeopardize his life by trying to protect the town of Hadleyville and the town in return never once tried to protect

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