Reflection on Carrying Out Assessment Task

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Reflection on carrying out assessment task: My literature search opened up a lot of other options as each book or article also gave reference to other texts for further reading. The danger I found in my literature search was on how big the subject area was as it often developed into other topic areas, making it difficult for me to pick a specific book or article to read. This often left me wide open to unnecessary and irrelevant reading. On reflection, I now understand that approaching a topic requires a different technique from how one would tackle a whole subject. I found the use of the library catalogue really useful during the literature search task but struggled with it in identifying relevant task to draw on theoretical frameworks. I found myself constantly referring back to the indicative reading that had been provided by the module tutors and still found it difficult to identify relevant theories to apply. My understanding of social work research is still very limited which presented me with a great deal of foreboding and anxiety evaluating research articles. According to Piaget and Bruner, constructivism emphasizes the importance of active involvement of learners in constructing knowledge for themselves. I had to consult other students who seemed to have some level of understanding of what we were expected to do and through this peer learning model was eventually able to develop my own concept of what to do. Kolb’s reflective model highlights the concept of experimental learning and is centred on the transformation of information into knowledge. Guided by relevant texts on understanding research, I tried to apply it myself when reading the research articles and realised that I was already developing some understanding on reading research and evaluating the data. However, I still feel this is an area that I will need further support to ensure that I

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