Reflection On A Placement

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This essay is a reflective account of one situation that occurred whilst on a community placement. This assignment will aim to identify the evidence base from which the actions of the nurse were decided in regards to the treatment that was provided. In order to discuss my own thoughts and feelings in regard to the actions and treatment that was given, this assignment will be wrote in the first person to identify areas where I can develop my knowledge and future practice (Webb, 1992). To assist with my reflection, the use of the What? model of structured reflection will be used (Driscoll, 1994). To keep in compliance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Professional Conduct (NMC, 2008 patient confidentiality, all names used within this essay have been changed.

Driscoll (1994) suggests reflection begins with a factual description of an event that has happened. The district nurse and I saw a patient, Sarah, an eighty-five year old lady when we went to her home to change a venous leg ulcer dressing. The care plan was read and then the necessary equipment to continue with treating the wound was brought to where Sarah was sat. As the nurse was preparing the equipment we spoke with the patient, asking if she was managing to sleep any better, as it had been documented that Sarah was unable to sleep due to the pain caused by the leg ulcer. Sarah became very emotional and started to cry, saying that she could not cope much longer due to the wetness and odour of the bandaged leg or the pains in her leg when she goes to bed. The nurse spoke calmly and listened to Sarah, showing empathy. At this point I was able to see how experienced the nurse was with dealing with a situation that required in-depth knowledge of psychological factors that can lead to further distress for Sarah if not addressed. Once Sarah had stopped crying and became calmer, the nurse then started

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