Watson's Theory of Human Caring

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Watson's Theory of Human Caring Blanca Castellon University of Phoenix THEORIES AND MODELS OF NURSING PRACTICE NUR/403 Michelle Dorin May 5, 2014 Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Caring and nursing have always been thought to go hand in hand. For the most part individuals choose this profession for their desire to help and care for other people. Caring as a fundamental concept has led to the development of several caring theories. In this paper I will be discussing Jean Watson’s theory of human caring. I will be describing the major concepts of Jean Watson’s theory and I will be applying Jean Watson’s theory to my own nurse/ patient relationships and describe the caring moments that took place. I will discuss Jean Watson’s major assumptions in relation to person, health, and nursing in the health care environment. I will also be discussing how Watson’s carative factors were used in a transpersonal relationship with my patient. I will be finalizing this paper with a reflection of myself in a carative moment with my patient. Jean Watson was born in West Virginia US. She attained her BSN in Nursing in 1964 from the University of Colorado, MS in 1966 and her Ph.D. in 1973 also from University of Colorado, MS. Jean Watson is the Dean of Nursing at the University Health Sciences Center and President of the National League for Nursing. She has a Ph.D. in educational psychology and counseling with research centered in the area of human caring and loss. Jean Watson’s first book, “Nursing: the philosophy and science of caring”, was published in 1979 where she presented the Theory of Human Caring. Jean Watson published the theory of caring in 1988 named “nursing: human science and human care.” She was the founder of the in human caring which revolves around 10 Carative Factors that are essential for nursing and caring (Alligood 2010). Jean Watson
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