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Redbull gives you wings, but is it safe to fly? A 14-year-old girl in Maryland drank two 24-ouce energy drinks while hanging out with her friends at the mall. The next day, the teenager went into cardiac arrest and just six days later she was dead. According to an article on, the official cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxicity. It doesn’t always end with death but more and more people are rushed to the hospital emergency room because of energy drinks. Statistics show that in 2005, 1,128 ER visits were associated with the use of energy drinks. That number went up to more than 16,000 ER visits in 2009 and it is still growing. It’s hard to believe that these drinks that many of us reach for so often can be so dangerous or even fatal. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- I myself reach for these drinks more and more often thinking this is what I need, to get through the day, not realizing the side effects. ------------------------------------------------- Having done a good amount of research, I realized that drinking these expensive energy drinks not only affects our wallets but also our physical AND mental health in many ways. -------------------------------------------------…show more content…
But if you buy them regularly it adds up. Those $3 turn into $20 a week, $80 a month and over $1,000 a year! And that’s just the price of the can. If you keep drinking energy drinks you’re not only going to be paying for the price of the can but also for all the health problems you have because of them. Instead of spending that money on energy drinks and doctors or emergency room bills you could use that money to buy healthier foods that boost your energy naturally because of the vitamins they have or on something like a fitness membership so you could stay active and have energy by working

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