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Each year, more and more people are lining up to have gastric bypass surgery, despite the medical risks and very high cost. Is it the answer to our nation's battle with weight? Is it right for you? Obesity is the United States is very common, and many people look for an easy way out. Gastric bypass surgery may not only help with obesity but it is believed that gastric bypass can help in treatment with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and sleep apnea. But there are many risks involved with the surgery, including death in about 2-3% of patients within one month of surgery. Gastric bypass surgery is an extensive procedure. Most qualified clients have a BMI of 40 or more and are morbidly obese. Clients planning to have gastric bypass surgery meet with a variety of specialists to determine their eligibility.. This includes an assessment with the physician, an exercise assessment, nutrition evaluation, consultation with a dietician, and a psychiatric evaluation. Gastric bypass surgery may be a last resort if a patient needs to lose a large amount of weight quickly for…show more content…
"I've seen massive infection," she said. "I've seen people hospitalized for malnutrition. I've seen people obsessed with food. I've seen people unable to stop vomiting."I've seen people develop massive eating disorders," she continued. "I've seen people who are terrified of gaining weight. Terrified. It runs their lives." According to Mann, gastric bypass surgery is a bad idea for most people. "This is a permanent prison, in a sense," she said. "You are choosing to make your stomach a different size. And while it is possible to go back, it is very rare. Experts say there's little data available on how the procedure affects patients 10 years afterward. Even Dr. Fobi doesn't deny that the surgery carries risks and that it may cause difficulties later. Risks or not is the procedure worth all the hassle?

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