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The story ”Red Truck” written by Maria Behan in 2006, I want to focus on the subject “Problems in the family” because it’s a subject having big impact trough out the story, also having an important influence on how the story evolve. In the story we meet the main character, Fanton. When we first meet Fanton it is his fifty years birthday, he is being driven to what he thinks is the planetarium, but his girlfriend, which Fanton have had a lot of, has tricked him into meeting his family once again after he, according to him self had a terrible childhood, which he blames his family for, therefor he doesn’t want to meet them ever again, as he let Sylvia, his girlfriend know:””Drive on, damn it,” Fintan said as the car slowed to enter a lane that wound through an apple orchard. “There’s no way I’m going there””. He is not hiding why doesn’t want to visit his family. When Fanton was a young boy his brothers hunted him and taunted him, as said in the story “He was startled by the sound of Peter roaming his name. The summons might have meant anything from “Mom wants you for dinner” to “prepare for a beating”” or “Over the years they have bloodied his nose, pulled down his pants and squeezed the sides of his lips while forcing him to repeat “I’m a pretty baby” over and over again”. Therefor when Fanton lost his favorite model car he was quick to blame his brothers, accusing them for taking it and hiding it his reaction is described like this in the story:”Fintan went to the kitchen and threw the only tantrum of his life. While his mother and brothers looked on, he shrieked, stamped, broke a dish and went stiff as a corpse”. The story ends with Fanton finding his car, not taken by his brothers but dropped when running by himself, even though he knows that, he doesn’t want to look at him self and admit he made a mistake, he takes the car down stairs and tell his family he

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