Gene's Selfishness In Short Cuts

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The story takes place in Los Angeles, USA. “Gene Shepard” is played by Tim Robbins, who have won multiple Oscars in other movies. In “Short Cuts”, Gene is a cop. He is married to Sherri and they have 3 children together. Gene has a very high temperament. It might by because he quitted smoking. In one of the the first scene, that Gene and Sherri appears in, they are having a fight. Sheri shouts: “Why don't you just start smoking again!?”. He is also very selfish. An example of Gene's selfishness: He sleeps at a woman named Betty's house. Betty have a boy that is about 8 years old. After Gene have slept at Betty's, he is not sure which excuse to use. He is often cheating on Sherri, and Sherri knows it. Still it doesn't seem like Gene knows that she know. After he has slept at Betty's house, he uses an excuse about some crack kids at his work. Later in the movie, Sherri is on the phone with her sister. She tells her sister that she know that Gene is cheating on her, and sometimes, she just like to her his lame explains and excuses every time he comes home. At work, Gene stops a car that is driven by a…show more content…
Gene hate Suzy, even though his children like him. Therefore Gene drives Suzy away on his motorcycle. When he get home, he just pretend, that he left the door open by an accident. His children gets really upset and cries all the time because of the loss of Suzy. A couple of days later Gene feels about what he did, so he tells his children that somebody left an “APB” on the dog and Suzy might be on the police station. Gene drives to the street where he left Suzie, and finds him on a veranda next to a red-headed boy and his dad. Gene says that the dog is reported as missing and takes it from the boy that gets very upset. He doesn't want to give Suzy away, but he don't have a choice. Gene brings Suzy back to his children. Another of Gene's selfish actions turns out bad because the red-headed boy ends up feeling

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