Red Bull Control Management

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Red Bull could be considered as a company dedicated to upholding the best business standards, with the purpose maintaining their leadership position within the energy drinks class and delivering superior client service in an exceedingly extremely economical and profitable manner. Red Bull’s want to take care of their leadership position is mirrored in their management management., effort for perpetually higher results, for pushing towards a much better production. The management over the profit is in check attributable to the productive selling ways. Red Bull aims to strengthen its international position by specializing in their presence in Asia. Red Bull has been productive within the past with its aggressive international enlargement, and plans on employing a similar strategy to enter the Asian marketplace (Euromonitor, 2013). Republic of India is home to the best range of 20-24 year-olds at ninety eight million, followed by China with eighty two million and land with 21million. Since Red Bull's prime customers area unit in their 20s massive|the massive|the big} youth population in these Asian countries makes them a horny market with large potential growth (Euromonitor, 2013). Red Bull has swollen their line from the initial Red Bull Energy Drink to Red Bull Sugarfree, Total Zero, Energy Shot, and last, Red Bull Editions. Red Bull Editions is their line of fruit seasoned drinks that embrace cranberry, lime, and blueberry. Red Bull product still gain quality with a rise in product sales of twelve.8% in 2012, leading to five.226 billion cans sold worldwide (Red Bull, 2013). The key ingredients in Red Bull area unit caffein, B -Group three vitamins, sucrose, glucose, taurine, and Alpine spring water. With ingredients like taurine and caffein and therefore the proliferation of energy drink consumption, Red Bull and therefore the entire energy drink business have

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