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Midterm Case Study: Mountain Man Brewing Company 1.) Perform a SWOT analysis for MMBC. What is MMBC’s competitive advantage and is it sustainable? Strengths: -“Grass Roots Marketing”-“Best Beer in Virginia” - “Best Beer in Indiana”-Reputation- Blue collar market-East Central Region-Americas Championship lager-Brand Awareness in region compared to that of John Deer and Chevrolet-Quality- Brand loyalty (rate at 53%)-Small sales force to proselytize brand- Brand equity-Off premise locations Weaknesses: - product expansion or variety - declining sales in target market- broadcasting advertisement- female and younger beer drinker segments- Finances- market share. Opportunities: -Expand into different regions blue collard segment- Expand into new market segments in East Region- New products- Female- “First Time Drinkers” Threats: -Aging core- customer segment- Major Domestic producers- light beer- Second tier domestic producers- Wine and spirited drinks companies- federal excise tax rate, increase in national health concern MMBC’s competitive advantage is the companies unique brand equity. Mountain Man Lager is distinctive because of its’ bitter flavor and slightly higher-than-average alcohol content. The company has made a profit since 1925 until 2005 about 80 years by having a loyal core customer base and building on its brand equity. It is sustainable as long as they keep or increase their core customer market without jeopardizing the brand image. The company’s competitive advantage is a combination of the Brand loyalty, core customer market, Brand Image, “Grass Roots” Marketing which is more effective in there region than competitors. 2.) What has made MMBC successful and distinguished it from the competition? MMBC has been successful and has distinguished itself from the competition in many ways. The reputation for quality beer and brand

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