Recreational drugs should be legalised Essay

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Recreational drugs should be legalised. Why? Because if drugs were legalised we would remove many of the negative and destructive forces of the illegal drug trade and in doing so this would benefit the community economically and socially. The penalty for trading drugs is severe therefore the people involved have to be secretive and corrupt. In the process of getting drugs from the producer to the final user many people are adversely affected. Cocaine is illegally grown in Central America; entire countries like Columbia and El Salvador have collapsed because of these activities. If drugs were legalised then countries like this would flourish and be able to benefit from the popular demand of recreational drugs. Drug trafficking is a highly organised operation. The time, money and man power that countries use to prevent the importation is huge. Fighting drugs is a waste of all these resources, legalising drugs would mean that we would have more time, more money and more man power to put towards positive community and social projects. So instead of being the undercover drug squad police man they could be out developing leadership amounts young members of the community. The way illegal drugs get to the final users involves intricate networks of gangs and mafia like organisations. The people involved are dangerous, brutal and selfish they don’t care about the consequences of how they provide the drugs just as long as they make money and lots of it. If drugs were legal there would be controlled distribution and selling of the drugs. There would be regulated distributers and outlets. We could open up stores like drugs’r’us and all the drama that happens during the growing, transporting and selling would disappear, because drugs would be sold like alcohol or cigarettes. There is no quality control in the production of illicit drugs. For the producers to be able to
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