Global Crimes Analysis

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Name CJA 394 Global Crimes Analysis Date Global Crimes Analysis The safety of the people in the world is an issue called global crime. Trading weapons, human and drug trafficking, and groups of prostitutes are all things that may be involved in international, or global, crime. There are some nations that do not follow rules or guidelines and that are sold nuclear weapons by other smaller, less powerful nations. One of the issues that has been taken way out of control is human trafficking. According to International Trafficking (2010), victims of human trafficking are traded inside of their own country's border as well as inside of the border of another country. Drug trafficking is another big issue, particularly around the United States borders. According to the New World Encyclopedia (2009), drug trades is a production of the black market. In some parts of the world, trading drugs is not enforced among all people. There is a large profit that can result from drug trafficking, which could be one of the reasons behind the crime not always being viewed under a zero tolerance policy. The global crimes that have become some of the largest issues previously mentioned always make the implication that some sort of organized crime has occurred or is occurring. A problem that arises when organized crimes occur is that there are often “crooked” police officers who handle the law unfairly among certain suspects or criminals. Another issue in drug trafficking is that sometimes, groups of organized crimes all link to a business or business people. One other issue for drug and human trafficking crimes is border security and safety. This issue brings about the problem with illegal immigration, which is a problem particularly in the United States because our country is the one with the most immigration activity. Russia is now running within a democratic
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