Sociological Theory Of Crime

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First off there is the choice theory. The choice theory means that a person makes a concious decision between committing a crime or not. The choice theory says that a person knows exactly what they will benefit from committing the crime and they also know what will happen if they are caught. So the choice theory means that a person will think about what will happen if they are caught and convicted but also think what they will gain. And if they think they need the benefit or if the gain is much more then the punishment, then they will probably choose to do the crime. And there is also the sociological theory. This means that people are committing crimes because of their environment. What I mean by this is, people that live in areas like the government projects or low-income housings, do not have a lot of money so they resort to maybe selling drugs. They probably choose to do so because this kind of enviornment are flooded with drugs and they can be easily bought or sold to make money. And so many young people are making money on the street, that this shows a person with no money how to make money. They learned from their environment or the enviornment caused them…show more content…
This relates to the sociological theory because the sociological theory states that people commit crimes because of their enviornment. And people that live in those low-income housings, normally see a lot of violence between race. A lot of the people that live in government projects or low-income housings are very racist. I can say that confidently because I have lived in these neiborhoods for about 20 years and I use to always run into trouble with the blacks because I am chinese. And in return the asian that live there starts to hate the blacks that live there. And because of this hate, violence is an everyday occurence. And the race and crime trend says that crime rate is much higher in places like these where there are racial
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