Recommend for Michelin Case Study

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The main strategy that Chalon should change is leadership style. At first, he uses authoritarian style which cause the problems as we talk at analysis part. In our opinion, the paternalistic leadership style tends to be appropriate for this case. We are presenting more specific some suggestions which Chalon will find useful in solving the problems. • He should change the ways to give feedback : The feedback is a management tool, so we need to clear about using the term of feedback. Charon perceived that positive feedback seem as insincere and unnatural act. In the other hand, we think that the cause of unnatural positive feedback is ineffective ways to give the feedback. The 2 guildlines for giving feedback o Chalon should specify the right of their performance and what should they change. Feedback must provide the specific statements, and support general statements with specific examples. For example, “Manee, you did well in the last project”. Saying like this can satisfy the colleagues, but not effective as saying as “You can complete the project before death line” o Chalon should avoid judgment and use descriptive language instead. For example, when someone act in appropriate, he should describe the impact of the employees’ behavior on the performance of another, makes it easier for them to understand the meaning and importance of the feedback. Also, it tends to focus the discussion on behavior and not personal characteristics. The above guidelines can help Chalon to encourage his subordinates and colleagues request feedback. Feedback will be more useful when the receiver has asked for it. If the performance is having a negative result, he is responsible for providing them with feedback. The ideal can create an environment in which people feel comfortable to solicit feedback. That is clearly increases its

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