Mt-140 Unit 8 Asignment

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Since Dalman and Lei have been running Sandwich Blitz, they have seen their business increase because they are conducting their business in the proper fashion. Dalman was just notified that one of Sandwich Blitz’s locations are in violation of the new local health care laws and this was causing him some concern. Since these new laws have been enacted, the outside locations where their trash dumpsters are housed are now in violation. The inspector who notified the location manager of the violation has informed him that he is willing to overlook the violation in exchange for food to be provided free of charge for his department’s holiday party. Dalman learned this new information from his location manager and he is deciding which avenue to take to resolve this issue. Does Dalman compromise his ethics by giving in to this request, or does he step up to the plate and correctly address this issue. When you review the Eight Steps in “Rethink Integrity,” by Sherman Stafford, you quickly come to the decision that Dalman needs to step up to the plate and solve the issue in an ethical manner. The location manager should also support this effort. When management becomes aware of issues that need to be dealt with they need to address them ethically because at the end of the day your ethical reputation is something that is once tarnished is hard to overcome. Not to mention they have the social and ethical responsibility to correctly handle issue of this type and not sweep them under the rug. When you ignore or comprise your ethics, you begin a long and dark journey down a road that is hard to come back from. Decisions of this caliber will not only affect you individually but they will also affect your business decisions and compromise your reputation. One of the things that have stood out in Dalman’s and Lei’s management of Sandwich Blitz is their integrity both in

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