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115.103 – Legal and Social Environment of Business 115.103 - ASSIGNMENT ONE Antonio Lucero Student ID: 12088361 Assignment One: Ethical Dilemmas Instructions: 1. Read the case study 'A sticky situation' (available on Stream under the section of 'Assignment Submission' - Assignment 1: Ethical Dilemmas) Reference: Boatright, J. (2009). Ethics and the conduct of business. New Jersey: Pearson Education International pp 25-26. 2. Write an 1800 word essay that answers the following questions: * Explain how the situation facing Kent Graham constitutes an ethical dilemma * Discuss three ethical theories and explain their relevance to this situation ‘A Sticky Situation’ Kent Graham, an account manager with Dura-Stick has just secured the largest contract of his career with the company. However, he is filled with uncertainty. He needs this contract to keep his job but not “coming clean” is jeopardizing his sense of ethics. What should he do? An ethical dilemma is a situation where there is no right and wrong in relation to a decision and therefore a solution is not quickly achieved (Shaw, Barry, Sansbury, 2009). Ethical dilemma can also be defined by a sense of moral obligation. Kent’s situation does consist of several ethical dilemmas as his accomplishments since joining Dura- Stick have been mediocre at best and he fears that his time at Dura-Stick might be limited unless he starts closing big accounts such as the project proposed from Spray-On. Bruce is also faced with the knowledge that there is a certain level of expectations placed upon him and his organisation as Spray-On has certain criteria’s that must be met for the ‘new project’. However, Kent accepted the project even thought Dura-Stick would be unable to meet the criteria that Spray-On desires. This ethical dilemma has arisen because Kent is conflicted by his morals and his sense

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