Exploring an Ethical Dilemma

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An ethical dilemma is defined as a morally problematic situation in which you must choose between two or more alternatives that aren’t equally acceptable to different groups. Ethics in business have gained much attention over the years. Some ethical dilemmas are fairly straight forward; meanwhile others can be a bit more complex. Based on the scenario for Angela at WellCare USA, the suggested course of action will be discussed. Angela’s ethical dilemma is that of adhering to the confidentiality requested of her by her firm vs. listening to her moral compass and looking out for her friend by warning him. Figure 2.2 How to Face an Ethical Dilemma (Exploring Business, 2014, pp. 14, 15) would be a valuable resource in identifying how Angela could handle the situation. Step one (1) states Define the problem and collect the relevant facts; Angela has to choose between loyalty to her organization or loyalty to her friend. Step two (2) Identify feasible options; Angela can choose to tactfully warn her friend or leave him completely in the dark in spite of the financial strain he could place his family in due to being laid off. Step three (3) Assess the effect of each option on stakeholders; If Angela shares the with her friend that he will be laid off, she runs the risk of him sharing the information with other employees, which could result in a panic in the office and paint her as someone that cannot be trusted with confidential information among her management peers. Step four (4) Establish criteria for determining the most appropriate action; Angela should gauge how well her friend can hold on to confidential information and consider warning him in an indirect way. If she is indirect, she protects herself from betraying the trust of the company, while still giving her friend the opportunity to quietly yield her warning/hint. Step five (5) Select the best option based on

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