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Real World Radical Formulas Karla Cartwright MAT 222 Instructor Jennifer Scharf April 14, 2014 Real World Radical Formulas A rational exponent is an exponent in the form of a portion. A radical is a square root of a number expression. Even though, both have real number problems. A radical expression is defined as any expression or equation that contains a square root. The square root specifies the number inside the square root is called the radicand. Also, variables can also be considered radical expressions. It is acknowledged in problem 103 on page 605 (Dugopolski, 2012), that the capsize screening value C should be less than 2. For a boat with a beam (or width) bin feet and displacement d in pounds, C is determined by the function. The formula given for this problem is C = 4d -1/3b where d is the displacement in pounds and b is the beam width in feet. Also the exponent of -1/3 means the cube root of d which will be taken and the reciprocal of that number will be used in multiplication. a) First problem a 4100 Tartan sailboat capsize screening valve will be calculated. The sailboat of the beam 13.5 and a displacement of 23,245 pounds. The inches value shall be converted into decimal division. C = 4d -1/3b C= 4(23,245)-1/3 *(13.5) I plug in the given variables using the order of operations, the exponents will be solved first. C= 4(.035)*(13.5) – Multiply C= .14(13.5) Simplify C= 1.89 – the capsize value is less than 2 b) Solving for D in order to solve this equation I will be using the same formula that was given in the previous problem. C = 4d -1/3b 4d -1/3 b = c c Flipping equation so d is on the left. 4d -1/3 b = c 4d - 13 b = c Divide both sides by 4 and b. 4b 4b Multiply both sides by the cube root of d. By the -1/3 being an exponent it will be cancelled and

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